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Engraving on leather:

Our strong and precise laser beam burns into the surface of the leather.  
Results vary depending on the density and the color of the leather and it is impossible to predict results ahead of the engraving.

Generally, results are best for a lighter color and a denser texture.

Here is a sample of engraving on a baseball glove (font used is Times Roman):

The engraving below is black on black leather, the mark is very subtle (font used here is Monotype Corsiva):

 The picture above is a sample of glossy black leather engraved (font used is Monotype Corsiva).
As the laser beam burns the surface of the leather it creates a contrast between the glossy black leather and its burned parts.  One may need to hold the item by a light or move it around a bit to fully see the engraving.  Subtle, but beautiful.

Below is also engraving on black leather, results vary greatly depending on the quality of the leather.
Below is a Monogram in Monotype Corsiva (C enlarged represents the last name)

Below is a sample of a  red Tiffany card holder, engraved with 3 initials:

Sample of brown leather engraved:
font is Times Roman (since the middle initial is not enlarged, this is not a monogram and the last letter represents the last name)

The engravings below are more contrasted since the color of the leather is not black:

Below is a tan leather jacket engraved with Times Roman lettering:

The picture above shows the engraving of a logo on dark brown leather.

Below is a sample of engraving on a white leather cover of a bible.  
Here, the engraving appears orange, almost gold but there was no painting involve, just the burning of the surface of the material by the laser.

Below is the same laser engraving process, revealing a light, yellowish, almost gold looking text.
No painting involve.

Finally here is a sample of engraving on a burgandy leather bag.
The dark burned mark was disappointing, we had hoped for a goldish hue.

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